A Cooker's Bane--The Unwilling Gadget [Nameless Challenge]

by NightMaiden
originally published at 04:09PM on Monday, April 28, 2008

I struggled; I shuffled with the buttons, and a splatter of batter went everywhere.

Damn this thing; it would never work. With another sigh of exasperation, I pressed ‘the little red button’ at the top, and it went off again. This oddly-shaped gadget never worked.

Those metallic whiskers, and the elegant shape—oh, it’s my bane. The wire that sticks out of it like a scraggly tail, ending in a plug; which ends in an electrical socket is always tangling itself somewhere where it’s not supposed to be!

Another sigh; another press, another splatter, another failure. The sun shined off its plastic surface as I tried to coax the unwilling thing into working.

It was always curled up in a corner of the kitchen when it wasn’t used. There were patterns swirling all over it; culinary ones. It also gave off the air of being professional, all sleek and shiny the way it looked.

But the minute I pressed that infamous red button, all hell broke loose.




  • from Melia:

    Oh this is wonderful! I’m pretty sure I guessed the object and I’m sitting here giggling away at the scene you’ve presented. I liked the approach you used for this challenge. Great detail! Well done!

  • from NightMaiden:

    Thank you for the nice comment. . This ficlet is inspired from my daily cooking… * sigh * Darn gadget.

  • from thebetweenspace:

    Very nicely done. I have and idea or two of what the gadget might be…