I Fought the Law...

by Valley Fey/Pinprick
originally published at 10:46PM on Tuesday, April 29, 2008

“What do you want, vamp?” He practically spits the word out, letting it hang in the air between us. I can feel the blood drain from my face, though I know he can’t see it. Where is Alphonse? The girls behind me start to crack up, obviously overjoyed that I’m finally getting my comeuppance for being born pale and light-sensitive.

“I…” I almost continue asking him to tell the girls to leave me the hell alone, that it’s rude and discriminatory.

“Spit it out!” he snarls, though I have no idea what made him so damn mad.

“Have you seen another vamp in here? Blond, taller than you, answers to Alphonse?” I swear, I was only in the dressing room for a minute, and he wandered off.

“Got him at Guest Services. He was causing trouble with the girls, and the cashier.” the man says with too much satisfaction. “Why, you with him?” I nod, and go back to make my purchase while he laughs about something hateful.

Amber keeps smirking at me while she rings me up, which makes me want to break her unattractive face.