And I Fought a Little Girl...

by Valley Fey/Pinprick
originally published at 11:28PM on Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eventually, after plenty of snide comments from the ignorant girls, including their goth friend (who definitely wishes she was a vamp), I finish checking out and exit the store. “Don’t come back.” someone calls once I’m outside. This. Is. Enough.

I turn around and charge back into the store. I march straight up to one of the unattractive, immature bitches in the back and ball my hand into a fist. “You. Will. Shut. Up. Now.” I breathe hard, and her eyes widen, shock apparent in her expression. Amber doesn’t bother with the phone.

“Security! Security!” She runs into the mall, almost faceplanting on the slick tile. As soon she she careens out of sight, I turn back to the little girl. I barely face her when she slaps me, quick and just hard enough to sting a little. She’s a weakling. I can take this bitch.

I ball up my hands and warn her, “I have been in more fights than you have, and I won’t hesitate to leave you here for an ambulance.”

She just laughs and shoves me backward. I have to wait for the cop.