by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 03:51PM on Friday, May 02, 2008

The girls snuck silently out the back door, glancing back over their shoulders to stare at the dark house. Before them, the sky glowed purple, the stars seeming to jump down to them from the sky. It was the closest they had ever felt to freedom, to belonging to something bigger. They slowly opened the gate, hoping not to hear the tell-tale creak, then tiptoed away over the soft grass, climbing slowly up the hill behind Eva’s house. Down below them, they saw it, the abandoned house glowing gently, almost seeming to pulse with the music and people that flowed in and out, slipping away hand in hand. Each girl ran down eagerly, already anticipating the shocked looks on their friends faces when they heard this story.
They walked in and were immediately assaulted with an odd mix of smells. Julie, by far the most experienced in these matters, picked up a whiff of beer, and, grabbing Katie’s hand, took off in that direction.
Alice was left, standing in the chaos of the room, confused and alone.