To Italy

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by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 09:04PM on Friday, May 02, 2008

They all trudged into the airport,all looking around and silently wondering what exactly they had gotten themselves into. Looking down the line,Tara could see that everyone else looked equally awkward;each standing with total strangers, and buried in bags full of their worldly belongings.
They were certainly a mismatched bunch, she thought to herself, spying a few gothy looking girls towards the front, each sporting the regulation pentacle and streaks of black eye make-up. Ironically, right next to them was the clump of preps; the built jocks and the skinny girls, much like the ones who made you hate yourself and look twice at each decision in high school.
But then she reminded herself that high school was over;it was time to start again, without all of the mistakes of her adolescence marked in the expressions of others. None of these people knew her, and none of them knew what she had been through.
But they’d have time to get to know her now;after all,it was just them,alone in Italy,for two whole months.