The Pillar - A Graphite Figure

by Browncoatben
originally published at 01:43PM on Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It was hard to move fast with the gravity off. The regular rhythm of walking was thrown off by the grav-boots he wore. So, he turned them off.

Pushing against the walls, Stine and his men drifted aft down the corridor. “Report, Lieutenant.”

No readings on handhelds, Commander. came the reply over the comm. He sounded shaken, but composed. There’s a man in the relay room. Alive. But no suit.

“Human?” asked Stine, speeding up. He saw a glass float out of an open doorway. It’s frozen contents suspended all around.

Yes, Sir…

The helmet lights illuminated a few feet in front, but not far enough.

Arriving at last, Stine slowed. Two men stood in the door to the relay room like statues.

Hovering now, he saw the faint silhouette inside. He touched the green button on his arm panel, reactivating the grav-boots with a light thump.

The thing turned to face them. His skin looked like graphite. His eyes were glowing a faint blue.

Stine knew that face.

“Relk?” he gasped.




  • from THX 0477:

    Nice. Very creepy and well paced, fitting right along with the weightless scene.

  • from KevMullins:

    Oooo… this is starting to get VERY interesting now. I have to agree with THX , nice pacing on this one.

  • from Browncoatben:

    Thanks fellas. This was a tough one! I’m really getting into this story and got to typing. When I finished, I was about 250 characters over the limit! Trimming took some of the flavor, I think, but I’m enjoying this one.

    Feel free to write sequels if you like…I’m interested where you guys think it may go.

  • from thebetweenspace:

    Okay, now I’m hooked…

  • from JLaughter:

    Hey there bro! I’m loving how this is going, keep these up. If I feel inspired, I might hop in there with you! And yeah, it’s me. Can’t you see my ugly face?