It's Mine!

by Dragon_sun 515
originally published at 01:03PM on Thursday, May 15, 2008

I watched Officer Luke talking to Tony and Michael through the window and felt sort of sorry for them. “What do you mean: you’re sorry for them?” Hannah spat out when I told her, “What’d they do to earn your pity?” After that, I kept quiet. Officer Luke looked so tired. After all, our story had way too many twists and turns for any one person to handle. And Tony and Michael looked so sad. They couldn’t really be that bad. I mean, they did save our butts and confess. And they had so much more at stake…

Before I knew what I was doing I burst into Officer Luke’s office and, quickly so I couldn’t stop myself, blurted out, “They didn’t do anything! Neither did Hannah! It’s mine!” Three faces turned to face me. But only one looked sad…



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