Chapter 6

by Emilyscool
originally published at 10:28PM on Friday, May 16, 2008 mature

I guess i found maggie later on. And i guess Chris came and brought us to his house, because when I woke up, i was asleep on the bathroom floor of Chris’ house. If theres one thing i can count on that boy for, it’s a place to crash.
The first thing i think of: Maggie. I walk out down the long hallway into the kitchen and there she is, about to pass out into a owl of cereal.
“How’re you feeling?” I mumbled
“I’ve had better days, I’ll admit” She mumbled back.
i look over to the living room. theres Chris, the one who saved my ass last night and put me to bed and made sure i was safe. The one who I had dumped only days before. i got up to go talk to him and he looked over at me, smiled, and looked back at the Tv. He’s watching Saturday Morning Cartoons, it’s so cute.
After about five minutes i notice he is shirtless and my heart begins to pound.
“I never noticed Chris was so fit,” I said to Maggie
“really?” she responded, still half asleep, “Because he slept in the same bed as you last night.”




  • from OboeTheres:

    I’m starting to really like this little chain of stories!

    It’d be really nice if it was edited better though…