My ex-husband

by suzieaim
originally published at 11:54PM on Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Monkeys make horrible spouses. So I married the other guy with the ripe banana and blue silk tie. If only the similarities ended there.



  • from StephanieBamBam:

    hahahaha this is great :)

  • from Herman Hawthorne:

    Very funny, wait are you saying we are all monkeys?????

  • from suzieaim:

    Nooooooooo… not all of you! LOL

  • from David K.:

    My banana was still green when I got married. And it was a polyester tie. I’ve grown up since then, fortunately.

  • from Antonio E. Lopes:

    That’s pretty impressive, packing that much of a wallop into such a tiny amount of words. Funny and brilliant. I wish I could buy the movie rights.

  • from cosleia:

    haha, very nice!

  • from The K:

    ripe banana?

  • from babbage cabbage:

    At least the tie was silk, but was it a double Windsor knot ?

  • from QuakeDisruptor:

    What happened to all the views on this story?


  • from suzieaim:

    Ha – I don’t know. Cool!

  • from The Violets:

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Nice, great amount of humor in such a small amount of words. I love it.

  • from User 2271:

    are you guy

  • from twittervlog:

    great – a perfect ficlet for prequelling or sequelling :)