The Seat Mate

by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 08:33PM on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finally,they were through the baggage check lines(which Tara thought was somewhat ironic,since leaving behind all of the baggage was exactly what this trip was for)and the security gates.They were finally boarding.
She walked slowly down the aisles looking for seat number 134.She hoped it wasn’t some awful middle seat,squeezed between that obnoxious fat couple that always seemed to be on planes.Or worse,she might get seated next to one of those businessmen who was yammering away on his cell phone till the stweardess had to physically pry it from his hands,causing him to spend the next 7or so hours complaining about how terrible this stock or that stock was doing, and didn’t she think that stewardesses had gotten awfully pushy lately?
But then she spotted it.Seat number 134.And the seat wasn’t a middle seat,and the guy definitely didn’t look like a business man.What he did look like was her next boyfriend.
But then she stopped herself.No boys.Not for a long time.Not after what happened with the last one.



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