Something Different---Family Down The Road

by Phil Sporlan
originally published at 11:55PM on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A few houses down the road lives a family unlike any other. Humans? Maybe. They are magical, timeless, wise and more important than anything friendly to all.

Their car uses no gas and can float on air or water. They need not eat food but do for plessure, their bodies and souls are powered by the sun. They right essays about every topic imaginable, interesting and smart, but share them with no one. They never go to bed angry and they never get sick. Their radio and TV prodicts the future and never wonder about the weather. They don’t need money they can make anything they need or want from the earth.

This is not a riddle there is no clever answer, this family is different and they keep to themselves. They have empathy for everything living. They have all the answers to the questions we have been asking for years. They also know if they show off their powers their life as they know it will end forever. That is why no one knows about this most powerful family.