Thanks For Nothing

by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 09:51PM on Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally,she picked herself up and walked home,kicking up dust along the road.She didn’t really have a plan,but she knew her mom probably wouldn’t miss her till tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.She had 24 hours to escape.

“You forgot to do the laundry this morning, Rachel,” her mother yelled as Rachel slammed the door shut.

“No, I didn’t,” she called back,”It’s Maura’s turn this time, not mine. Yell at her for once.”

“Oh. Well, can you do it anyway? Your sister has a game tonight.”

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” she said, knowing full well that by the time her mom came out of her alcohol-induced daze the next day, she’d already be gone.”Is there any dinner left?”

“No, sorry, hon,” she replied casually.”We ate early and I threw the leftovers away. I think there’s something in the freezer.”

Rachel walked over to the freezer. Of course, it was empty with the exception of one bagel, probably a few months old, and a half carton of ice cream. “Thanks for nothing, Ma,” she whispered under her breath.




  • from Stovohobo:

    Good feeling of depression and hopelessness you wrote here, especially the line about the alcohol-induced haze. I like it.

  • from LovingYourHeartbreak♥:

    wow, i like the way you conveyed how she was the child who was, like, least cared for. it’s really good.