All Together Now...

by Valley Fey/Pinprick
originally published at 03:11AM on Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alfred and the queen hurried to Sioni’s room, brushing past her father on the way. The woman, Ridda, and her son were in a different part of the castle now- though the queen knew not why. She couldn’t be bothered to care, with her living son so close at hand. She pulled him through the door to Sioni’s chamber, and gasped at the scene through the garden door.

Sioni’s mother, Eva, stood, hand in hand with her lovely daughter, in dappled sunlight, beneath a stand of cedar trees. Eva traced Sioni’s cheek, and motioned to someone in the shadows. A young woman stepped forward, with ebony hair braided to her waist, and immense black eyes. Her hands shone pale in the sunlight, and Sioni jumped at the sight of her.

“Helen! What… what is she doing-” Sioni yelped, clutching at her mother.

“Sioni?” Alfred called, moving toward the sound of her voice, “My love, is that you?”

The alphyn stepped forward from behind the wall to stand by Helen, facing the prince.

“Alfred!” Sioni gasped, falling to her knees.