The Thief (III)

by Holdini
originally published at 10:47AM on Saturday, May 24, 2008

The thief moved quickly through the bushes of the garden. He let the sound of the rain muffle his steps and the rain itself wash away his foot prints. The guards moving around the garden never saw or heard a thing.

The thief finally arrived at the door leading into the university itself. That was where the prize would be. The thief studied the door only to find there were no guards. That’s strange, he thought. Still the thief thief crept up the stairs like a snake and grabbed the door handle. No guards noticed him in the shadow of the building.

The door was unlocked. That’s very strange, the thief thought to himself again. Dozens of guards, and a twelve-foot tall wall surrounding the place, but they didn’t bother to lock the door. The thief suddenly felt cold and he began to think about running.

He didn’t. Instead he proceeded through the door and walked into a long hall filled with red and jewelry. Normally the thief would have taken the jewels but he knew there was something wrong here. Very wrong.