Beauty and Love(200something challenge/I am challenge)

by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 09:50PM on Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am the grain of truth among the lies
I am the pure light that shines through your window
I am the only beautiful thing left
I am a wish
I am a dream

I am the warm summer rain
I am the note from a friend
I am the picture of a lost child
I am beauty
I am love

I am a childs first word
I am the first rose of the spring
I am the chance for something better
I am wonder
I am change

I am hope




  • from Freedom:

    This is good and thanks for entering!

  • from Freedom:

    Oh, I just realized where Six Feet Under The Stars, All Time Low! I love them! I wonder if that’s what your penname is from! Hmm…

  • from Six Feet Under The Stars:

    ya thats where i got it from. i love that song and i thought it worked cuz its summer. atl is awesome!