Sad Candy Death

by kRyNn StRaWbErRy
originally published at 06:06PM on Tuesday, May 22, 2007

“Guess, what kids!” cheered Sarah, the candy shop clerk. “What?” asked France. “Today, I got a proposal from my boyfriend. We’re getting married in two months! And to celebrate, why don’t we play a game of Matching M&Ms?” Sarah pulled out a bag of M&Ms. “Close your eyes and pick up two.” The game went on and on. Finally the winner was Donora Mallia. “I want to go to your wedding.” said France as she left the store. “And I want you to, too!”

Weeks later, a huge BOOM ! went off in the streets. Many people ran out. Sarah’s mom yelped with fear. There stood two cars, both turned on their sides, on on fire. The firetruck came, and ambulance men pulled a man out of the car. And a teenager out of the other car. And then, they pulled out Sarah. She had a large gash on her back, her head, and arm. “Oh, dear…”

“Hello, kids, I’m Sarah’s mom. Could I have a word with you…well…Sarah, wow, this is hard, well…”




  • from Saint Chuck:

    It’s a good idea, but there’s too much going on in one story, and you get no feel for the characters.