Odd Electricity

by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 05:43PM on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

“Hey,” he said as the bus began to move.”Would you mind me sitting with you? Normally, I wouldn’t ask, but those guys up there look a little off…and smell a little off…so I thought I’d be safer back here.”

She gazed up at him, his sky-blue eyes seeming to burn into hers. She hadn’t heard a thing he’d said so she said the safest thing.”Um….sure.”

He sat down beside her, grasping the bar on the seat ahead of them as he settled his stuff in.”Thanks,” he said, looking over at her again.” So, I’m Chris.”

When she didn’t reply(the eyes!), he looked at her again and said,”And you would be…”

Suddenly, she couldn’t remember exactly what her name was. She knew it started with an R.”Um….my name is…um…its Rachel. My name’s Rachel,” she said emphatically, finally remembering.He stuck out his hand to shake, and she took it.

Suddenly, it felt as though she’d been electrocuted. And it looked like he’d felt it too, as he quickly withdrew his hand and turned back awkwardly, to face the front again.