Not One More Tear

by kRyNn StRaWbErRy
originally published at 06:36PM on Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Emily was furious. She hated, hated everything that was swirling around her. Her boyfriend dumped for her so-called best friend, the popular kids targeted her as “dumpy little cry baby”, and Jessica, her sister, her only comfort, had moved out to attend a boarding high school. She threw at those speacial and expensive chocolates her boyfriend gave her at the wall, and gave her dog all of the stuffed animals from her boyfriend and her “friends”.
“Emily Rae Viktor!” shouted Mr. Viktor. “One more crash in that room and your’re spending your whole life at your mother’s!” One more thing. Emily could not take it. She knelt down on the ground. Warm, wet tears ran down her cheeks and fell on the ground. Her parents divorced when she was two, and not once had she seen her mom. But Mr. Viktor told her, she lived in a run-down aparment, had a poor-paying job with long hours, and the only nearby school was Hartford Mayfield School, which had some kids who do horrible things, like grafitti and physical pain.