by Velvet de Larousse
originally published at 06:11PM on Friday, May 25, 2007

My mind went blank and suddenly I felt very overwhelmed.
‘O-Over?’My voice sounded very weak and hoarse.
‘Yes. Now go home.I think you need to anylyze what’s really important to you and that you have to sacrafice certain things to keep said important things.’
With that he strode away.I heard everything he just said, but the only thing that registered were those very evil 2 words:We’re over.
When it finally registered in my head that Jordan had walked away, I decided to pursue him to talk to him.
I was in the middle of crossing the road when my body went rigid. My sight was clouding my awareness of anything other than the pain of every atom in my body bieng compacted was ebbing.
I was going into a vision. In the middle of the road. While trying to get Jordan back.