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bold italic I know this is kinda old but why did he kill those inacent people die you what i mean they didn’t do nothing to hurt him. He took his own anger out on people who didnt do nothing to him and it pisses me off that he killed people he din”t know.




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    Learn grammar. but still, it makes sense.

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    1) You might consider using a browser with built-in spell checking (e.g. Firefox) or copying your piece to a word processor like Word, doing a grammar and spelling check, and copying it back.
    2) It appears the real point of this site is to write collaborative stories with people. To that end, instead of venting, why not try to use fiction (a root word for “ficlet,” I suspect) to try to understand what happened in Virginia. Write a story from the shooter’s POV , or the POV of a victim, for instance.

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    3) To answer your question, he was mentally ill. You’re applying rational standards to a person who, sadly, was clinically irrational because there was something wrong with his brain. Sometimes, sad things happen that make no sense.

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    Critics abound no matter how good you are. But nothing can damage words written with a pure heart. Reference Ursula Le Guin on the “power of words”.