Serious Then Sly

by Just another writer
originally published at 03:53PM on Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jack rushed out of the door with a hard crease in his eyebrows. Randy slowly stepped out behind him, rubbing his eyes with his hands. Jack grabbed Anna’s hand and spoke sharply. “C’mon Anna let’s go.” But before Jack could get out the front door Randy stopped them. “Jack, wait..” Before turning around to face Randy, Jack looked at Anna and winked at her while the corner of his mouth folded up into a half smile. Then Jack composed his face back into being furious, and turned around. “What.”
Randy sighed and put his hands on the counter. “She can work here, as long as you do too. Be here tomorrow morning at 7 AM.”
Jack nodded and pulled Anna on out the door. Once they got down the sidewalk, out of earshot from the newspaper shop, Anna stopped. “Ok, what just happened?”
Jack laughed and said “Randy wouldn’t hire you so I said I quit. I knew that old man wouldn’t let me go, I’m the best journalist he’s got. So I knew he’d have to hire you if I threatened to quit.” Anna frowned “You risked your job over me?”