If she's everything you ever wanted: Part 13

by Smile4life!
originally published at 09:41AM on Saturday, June 07, 2008

Oh god.
He saw me.
With Sean.
In Seans clothes.
Oh my god.
I picked up my vibrating phone and starred at the message.
“I saw you…...,”. What now?
“Elle, are your clothes dry yet?”
I snapped back into focous.
“Um, uh, yea.”
I quickly put my clothes on. My phone started to vibrate again.
“Elle, I saw you. Don’t think I’m blind. Text me back, I know your there,”. I flipped open my phone and thought about what to say.
“Why do you care?”
I shut my phone and felt tears in my eyes again. I couldn’t do this to Sean again. I had made him be there for me. I couldn’t do it again. I wiped my tears, and left the landry room.
“Thanks so much for everything, your a great guy”.
He just smiled.
I knew it.
He knew it. He could see that I was still in pain. Matt was ruining my life and he could tell what was going on.
He probably had a broken heart.


  • from keepbreathing:

    Good job sequeling[:

  • from Writer4Life00nj:

    Haha thanks. Me and smile4life did it together. We luv this series!!

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    i really liked the trepidation and suspense that you are building. good show.