If That's the Way It's Gonna Be: Part 13

by Writer4Life00nj
originally published at 11:02AM on Sunday, June 08, 2008

Greg wiped a tear that was running down my cheek.
“It’ll be okay. Maria kinda is a jerk,” he said. “Well I gotta go. See you round,”. Greg got up and left Eric and I to ourselves.
“So…what do you think of him?” asked Eric. I was too busy watching Greg leave to answer.
“He’s awesome!”
“Cool,”. Eric looked down at the ground. Tears seemed to form in his eyes.
“Eric? Are you okay?”
“Yeah….my….m-my…allergies…i-itchy eyes. G-gotta go!”. Eric got up and ran out the door. What was his problem? I knew him better than that. Something was bothering him. It was so obvious but I couldn’t think of it. He was in love with me.



  • from penguincaptain18:

    Poor Eric. That always sucks when the person of ur dreams falls for ur twin.