So Long...

by g2 (la pianista irlandesa)
originally published at 02:17PM on Sunday, June 08, 2008

As Emily tried to understand what had just happend, her consciousness began to flicker, a dying lightbulb in an attic.

She felt woozy; she fought to remain conscious. “Who are you?” she mustered.

“You’ll learn soon enough,” the man droned, raising his arm parallel to the floor, arm extened toward Emily’s chest. Emily felt something twist her heart; she fought not to cry out. Her eyes met Dana’s.

Help… me…” she gasped. Dana’s eyes were filled with a combination of sympathy, inability to help, and a slight “I told you so.”

The man’s mouth twisted into a dark smile. “It’s almost complete,” he hissed to himself.

“What’s…. complete?” Emily mustered, now on her knees in agony.

“I’ve been waiting so long…” the man said in diabolical victory, just as Emily blacked out, “so… long…




  • from Hunting Beauty:

    creepy music plays Noooooo! I knew nothing good could happen.

    Good job continuing the ficlet series of the wonderball. Everyone that’s working together on this is doing an amazing job.

  • from g2 (la pianista irlandesa):

    :-D Thanks; I’m not usually a thriller person, but apparently I did good… Good job to everyone else who’s been working on this story!

  • from Fantasy:


  • from Nissakit:

    omg, does he want her heart to live of something??? great job!

  • from g2 (la pianista irlandesa):

    I’m not sure what “the man” wants… I’m leaving that to someone else down the road ;-)

  • from Dreamer:

    Wow. This is awesomely creepy. Good job.

  • from Eckhouse:

    Ok, so any questions I had about Wonderball’s intent have been answered. Thanks, guys. : )

  • from thebetweenspace:

    Wow, that’s a freaky ending. What’s he been waiting for?

  • from Stovohobo:

    Oooh, maybe she’s being transferred into the Wonderball? Or maybe I’m totally delusional – either way, good ficlet.

  • from THX 0477:

    Definitely creepy take into an entirely different direction. I like how everyone is continuing the back and forth between the two girls despite one being unable to speak.

  • from Flute Loop<33:

    Whats complete!??!

  • from invisibility_disability:

    what happened to the wonderball…?

  • from LovingYourHeartbreak♥:

    SOOOO SCARY !!!!!!!!!

  • from g2 (la pianista irlandesa):

    Hey, you wanna know what happens next… ya gotta keep reading ;-)

  • from wytherwings:

    oh wow.

  • from g2 (la pianista irlandesa):

    Geez, I feel wicked important, what with everyone saying how awesome this thing is! :-D Thanks everyone; glad I could help move this puppy along. (and I never thought I could write creepy, but apparently I did well with it…)

  • from Colorguardx0o:

    hey!! wow!! I never knew you could write such a good SCARY story!! I love this story you gotta keep writing to this story!! The supense is killing me to know what is going to happen next! I am going to keep reading. =]