If thats the way it's gonna be: Part 14

by Smile4life!
originally published at 06:40PM on Monday, June 09, 2008

The next day at lunch I sat with Eric again. I kept asking about Gregg. It turned out he went to an all boys private school, so he definently didn’t have a girlfriend.
Eric always got upset when I talked about Gregg. I couldn’t help it! My stomach got butterflies whenever I thought about him. I loved the way his hazel eyes sparkled and his black hair shined. He was a dream come true. Maria thought she was so lucky to have Jake but I knew that if she saw Gregg she would come crawling towards him. He would tell her, “No way, I want Jaqueline, not a jerk like you!” she would be shocked as Gregg and I danced unger the stars!
Speaking of Maria and Jake, well, i didn’t care much about them anymore. All I wanted to do was humiliate Maria, like all the times she had humiliated me.
I tried to talk to Eric about what we could do, but he kept ignoring me. Oh, well.




  • from penguincaptain18:

    Oh poor Eric, she oblivious to his feelings. I know how much that sucks. My question is why do they go to different schools?