by Just another writer
originally published at 12:36AM on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

“Well,” Anna started, debating on really telling him or distracting him with a new subject, “I was thinking about..how”
“Don’t try to lie. I can already see it in your face,” Jack interuppted, “just tell me the truth.” he smiled warmingly and squeezed Anna’s hand a little.
“What?” Jack looked confused.
“This,” she said again and raised her hand up with his still attached. Jack smiled but his eyes looked discontent
“Does it bother you?”
Anna hadn’t thought that far.
“I don’t know yet.”
Jack laughed “Well then, I’ll just hold on to it until you make up your mind.”
“But why?”
Jack’s smile started to fade, but it wasn’t completely gone. “What do you mean but why?”
Anna suddenly wished she’d held her tongue, but decided it was too late for a distraction. “Why are you holding my hand?”
Jack abruptly seemed relieved, like he’d been expecting a different, more painful question. “Well why not?”
“I don’t know. I just met you an hour ago..”
Jack chuckled “You’re just likeable.”



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