And Her Name Is Emma... (chp 11)

by Rachel
originally published at 08:33AM on Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emma searched for Mary for weeks. Like a penguin searches for the perfect pebble to give to his love, Emma was searching for her love, her photos.
Finally, one day Emma found her clue, a name, Alex Jones. Mary Jones’ son. Emma riped out the address from the White Pages and put it in her pocket, hand trembling. It was all finally falling into place.
But she had doubts. What if this was not Mary’s son? What if the photos are destroyed? These were the questions flowing through Emma’s mind and controlling her thoughts.
She decided the best thing to do was sleep on it, so she went to her room and jumped into bed. Suddenly a buzzing. Emma had a text. It read:

“Hey Emma, how are you?
I really wanna meet up, how’s Saturday sound?
text back xoxo”

Emma replied swiftly with:

“hey sounds great, can we go and see somebody. I need to get something of somebody i know who lives in Redfern”