What the war brought : Chapter 6

by illusionistic
originally published at 07:01PM on Thursday, June 12, 2008 mature

The screams of Maria were heard from a distance. Drake stopped and began coughing again. He heard the cries of someone…. not just anyone…. Emma. He sprinted to see Emma being attacked by what look to be an ordinary boy with a virtual reality helmet on.
“Hey!” Drake yelled.
The boy stopped and looked at Drake. He then lept up and came at him. Drake grabbed him and pinned him down. Another boy came out of the darkness this one also had a virtual reality helmet on from the same video game. Drake pinned him down as well but when he tried to take the helmet off they were both fused to the skin of the boys. You couldn’t see their eyes.
“Kill the Zephoron!” one boy cried.
“Yes we must.” the other called in.
“Zephoron?” ask Drake confused.
Zephorons were from a video game called Black Abyss that came out in 2056, two years ago.
“But I….....wait!” cried Drake called to Emma who seemed to be back to normal and on her feet again.
“Emma! what was the main point of black abyss?” asked Drake.




  • from burberry714:

    kind of freaky. gave me the chills. but really good. :)