My tour with the Jonas Brothers part 3

by Smile4life!
originally published at 04:23PM on Tuesday, June 17, 2008

“You guys did great!”
After their concert they went backstage, and there was Demi Lavoto.
“Thanks!” Said Tara.
“I hope you enjoyed it!” Said Nick.
“Yea, Nick I did enjoy it, but I mostly enjoyed you!”
Uh. Tara hated demi. Ever since Nick and Demi were in Camp rock together, Demi was always trying to get Nick to ask her out.
“Yea, who couldn’t enjoy Nick?” Tara Said.
“Aw thanks.” Nick kissed her on the cheek.
Good, thought Tara. Now Demi will see that Nick is mine.
Demi frowned.
“Well anyway, good concert”. Demi said, and then walked away.




  • from penguincaptain18:

    Is this a recurring theme in Jo Bro series? Always another chick coming in and ruining everything for the main character. And always Nick.

  • from PantherStar10:

    Man I really hate Demi now!!!!