Is It Alive?

by OboeTheres
originally published at 10:01PM on Tuesday, June 17, 2008 mature

It was moving. And glowing, sorta. Maybe its just reflecting the light. It looked to me kinda like a squid, except not. Nothing that I can say would make any sense to anyone back home, because it wouldn’t have made any sense to me when I walked into the library, was it yesterday? How does time work here? Awww, shit. More mysteries, and even more damn questions!
I just wanna know what that floaty thing is, maybe I’ll get lucky, and it’ll be that Jeevne thing. That girl was right, she did a horrible job explaining things to me, not that she had much time.
I look at the alive thing, and I think that I was right. This place has more dimensions than home. Its the sorta thing that you can get used to, but you could never comprehend if you had never experienced it. I think that the ground here is a little like swimming in the ocean, its a 3d plane, and up is a fourth direction. I’m getting more used to it now.
I look back over at the thing, and I feel weird in my brain. I feel something… But it makes no sense.