The CIA Created the Green River Killer(Twisted History Challenge)

by Mighty-Joe Young
originally published at 12:22AM on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It had been almost 5 years since the colonel had ordered me to kill Hitler’s 1st mistress.
Normaly i would be killing men who were truly evil, by lining their heads up between the hairs and then pulling a trigger, i didn’t even kill them really, the bullets did that.
This however was different i knew these girls, i had recruited them, earned their trust, and put them in the spot to influence a monster or at least write down what he said at night.(every whore in Berlin said he talked in his sleep)
Then at the peak of their romance, i would sneak into their bathrooms or beds, get the intel and strangle, poison, or slice open the women who believed i was about to extract them from deep cover, as soon as they wrote the suicide note; of course.
I used to be a chaplin, i only took this position because my wife was an operative.We both have one more mission, I have to strangle this whore then i am discharged to go home and wait for my true love Mrs. Ava Braun at our dream home on the Green River, in Washington.




  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    I had previously written this as a sequel but trust me noone read it lol.

  • from PyroPunk 51 (PPP LoA):

    What I find interesting is that you are the second person to do a “Hitler” piece. Well written.

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    its a green river killer piece that is like indiana jones is a hitler piece, just teasing thanks i got a little defensive because i am a jew lol

  • from Jenunique:

    Great job.

  • from Six Feet Under The Stars:

    cool ficlet…kinda wish i knew more about this specific topic so i knew what to say, but i personally didnt ever hear of the green river killer. thanks for entering!

  • from M.Paul Regret:

    Graphic, violent, rambled on hard to understand and read, should have been marked mature. Mispelled words.

  • from M.Paul Regret:

    Graphic, violent, rambled on, hard to understand and read, should have been marked mature. Mispelled words.

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    sorry for the mispellings Paul, sorry for not making it simple enough for you to understand my mother is a proffessor and she always tells me i need to write to my audience. it is marked mature and its a good thing i didnt keep the first title, “How many siphilatic nazi prostitutes can gary ridge way fit in a phonebook”? oh were graphic and violent a bad thing? if so i am sorry about that too. I might have been a bit presumptous thinking “green river killer” in the title would have signaled violence, sorry.