Pale In Comparison-7

by Imperfectedlyric
originally published at 07:36PM on Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Isis covered her eyes with her hands, “leave me alone!” She screeched at them her voice rising. Her pulse quickened. Her heart was audible in her ears. She could feel her fragile hairstyle coming undone and it pulled at her newly dyed roots.
“Please, just leave me alone,” Isis sobbed dryly.
“Look Mirks, it isn’t our fault you’re such a freak, it isn’t our fault that yoru crack-whore mom ran away. We just happened to be the ones who get the honor of beating up a freak like you,” Amby smiled ruthlessly.
“She’ll probably turn out like one of those serial killer kids who go and shoot up the gym,” Tate snorted with laughter.
“Yeah, and pigs will fly. Cleopatra doesn’t have enough guts to do anything like that,” Amby scowled and gave Isis a kick in the shin that sent her sprawling to her knees.
“Ahh, come on on Amby we have to get to trig,” Tate said checking her watch and pulling Amby down the hall behind her.