Like a Box Of Chocolates (unexpected twist challenge)

by Mighty-Joe Young
originally published at 09:32PM on Friday, June 20, 2008 mature

The Twins folowed the man to his shanty of a house to hear the old timer who had saved their life’s only request. As they walked in the door they saw the old man’s pretty bride..
“You have come to help oh god thanks.”

She fell on the floor and clung to the young man’s pants leg.
“please get up we owe y’all our lives.? The sister replied.
After a meager meal of noodle soup( 3 noodles were boiled and then they drank the water from them) ,the man explained.
He said his wife wanted a child, but because of the radiation he had certain problems, and he wanted the boy to impregnate his wife.
“Sir we understand, the radiation changed us all, but yeah ill do it? the boy said.
The husband and the young man bathed the future mother and then laid her on the bed, each man kneeling at her
Sissy she is ready.?
The old man’s legs became weak, when the boy’s naked sister entered the room, with her tiny hands trying to cover her thick penis.
“_See the pollution’s changed everyone_.? The boy said.



  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    umm, eerie. You might a mature label, too. Definitely not expecting that!

  • from PyroPunk 51 (PPP LoA):

    That was weird. The first paragraph needs a little editing though. I had difficulty reading and understanding it.

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    i know i was having trouble with it i edited it alittle better now?

  • from John Perkins:

    Certainly was a twist that I wasn’t expecting. And quite weird. I like weird.
    Thank you for entering.

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    i was thinking of “save the planet or loose your dick” for a title but it seemed over the top hehehe

  • from ALRO613 ♪ LoA ♫:

    Man that’s funny…
    Didn’t expect it at all..

  • from Ridcully Calvert:

    OMG , I am laughing out load on this one.

    Those chicks man, you just can’t trust them. What are they going to try and take over next?

  • from thebetweenspace:

    I would hate to be on the receiving end of that twist. Funny but entirely disgusting side-effect.

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    @between but if you were a woman having sex with a total stranger to give the man you love a baby wouldn’t it be easier for you if it was with a woman?