Boy of my dreams: Part 6

by Smile4life!
originally published at 06:14PM on Saturday, June 21, 2008

I saw on my bed that night crying. I didn’t want to think about what had happened today. I lost the two loves of my life, but I was mostly upset about Josh. He was like the best thing that had ever happened to me. I went on my computer and logged on to AIM . I relized that Josh was on AIM ! He still had his old screenname. I excitedly IMed him.
SeniorSabbs315: Hey Josh.
SeniorSabbs315: Josh?
Joshster613: What do you want?
SeniorSabbs315: Why did you leave me?
Joshster613: Because I was “Nothing Important” so why do you care any way?
SeniorSabbs315: Your one of my best friends, besides Carmen, WHO YOU ASKED OUT BY THE WAY !!!
Joshster613 has signed off.

I relized was mad in love!