Buckle Up!

by Phil Sporlan
originally published at 10:05PM on Sunday, June 22, 2008

Emily feels more powerful than ever before. Her eyes are shut, her mind…focused! She can see herself in her mind’s eye. Physical space is no more, blue light sprays from her finger tips. Ed reading her thoughts also can see all of this.

“I’m coming with you!” Ed yells. “Is that even possible? Your welcome, to come if it is.” She yells back.

Where were they going? The thought of what was taking place was like thinking about the universe and it’s never endingness. Currently she was in a hospital room number 34 to be exact, in a wonderball, now using her mind’s eye she was teleporting to Chris’ brain? and is Ed coming?

These are places that don’t exsist on maps, today indeed was a special kinda day.




  • from penguincaptain18:

    wow that sure took a while to catch up with all the sequels. man this series is awesome. Just one thing what ever happened to Sandra and Sol-leks?

  • from Hunting Beauty:

    This is really good. I can’t wait for the next sequel.

  • from Phil Sporlan:

    is the wonderball dead? a flash in the pan? Come on peoples!

  • from wytherwings:

    oh wow… this series is awesome!!
    this series isn’t dead is it?
    I would sequel but I don’t have any ideas, and I don’t want to ruin it.