Plenty Of Attention

by thebetweenspace
originally published at 10:27AM on Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Becca couldn’t help but think of Jameson as she tugged and pulled Sassy out of the car and to the stairwell. After all, 24 hours ago she was pulling him up these very same stairs and into her apartment. “Come on Sassy, work with me, babe,” Becca said. “Wake up already.”

“Need some help?” a decidedly nasal voice asked from the shadows. Oh, my gosh, Becca thought, on the verge of panic. It’s the BTK killer!

Without further thought, Becca threw Sassy into the shadows, knocking over her adversary. As she ran up the stairs, she was met by yet another unwelcome guest.

“Did you follow me?” Becca asked, nervously.

“You forgot this,” Karl said, producing a bouquet of roses out of thin air. “And I thought you might need help getting Cinderella to bed. Speaking of the devil, where is she?”

The answer came in a loud scream. “Get off of me, you man-whore!”

Karl and Becca ran down the stairs just in time to see Paul and Sassy emerge from the shadows. Sassy pushed him aside and said, “Ew. Who broke your nose?”




  • from Krulltar:

    Karl = creeeeepppppyyyyy!

  • from Dreamer:

    Yes, I do find the whole Karl thing very creepy. I love sassy’s reaction to Paul’s broken nose.

  • from Hunting Beauty:

    I agree. Karl is extremely creepy & Sassy’s reaction to Paul’s broken nose, absolutely a classic.

  • from Apostrophe :

    ha ha ha love the ending.. the man whore comment is classic! It reminds me of Deuce Bigalow..Another great story in this series!!

  • from ♠Ana Cristina♥:

    Oh, that kooky Karl. I love that Becca is reminded of Jameson when she’s dragging Sassy up the stairs. Very good of you as an author to remember that, as it injects more pathos into our brimming grab-bag of manipulative emotions. And brilliant, to bring Paul into the mix. I’ll sequel when I finish my “homework.” (Can you believe they are giving teachers assignments during this week-long seminar I’m taking?!)

  • from thebetweenspace:

    I’ve had this scene in mind for a few days. I felt like Paul had a little more to contribute to the series and… homework? That’s not cool at all. Although, it is kind of funny hearing a teacher complain about homework. (Hope it’s all worth it in the end). ;)

  • from Hunting Beauty:

    hahaha. Yes I agree that it’s kind of funny to hear a teacher complain about homework.

  • from ♠Ana Cristina♥:

    You’ve got belated sequel!

  • from ♠Ana Cristina♥:

    And yes, I know, I’m a teacher upset at receiving homework. But you’ve got to remember this – every time a teacher assigns a homework assignment, that’s homework they have to do too, in grading each and every one turned in (happily, not all students complete it :p). Plus, it’s summer, man. My brain is turned off. Well, except, for ficlets!

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    hey i dont think whore is gender specifec like slut you wouldnt be a slut and more than a woman pervert? idk its deep.

  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    i meant specific and man-slut lol