by ficletsforeverx3
originally published at 09:12PM on Sunday, June 29, 2008

Maggie was talking with Jen and Cathy. They were so excited the Jonas Brothers were secretly in there school now, well Nick is. They were all in 9th grade. “Tomarow we should dress cool. Remember this wont affect our friendship if one of us gets the date.” Maggie said. “Oh yeah, and the talent show is in two weeks, don’t forget to practice. The girls were in a band, Girl Power. They didnt like the name but they made it when they were 9 so they kept it for now.
The next day in school Jen went up to Nick and asked him if he was going to the talent show. Nick said yes and he was looking for a band because he decided to be in it. “Nick im in a band.” Jen told him. “O.K. heres my phone number call me and ill check you guys out.” Jen was shocked she never was as happy as she is now.