goddamn hater midgets

by chakatreatmentson!(LoA)
originally published at 01:04PM on Wednesday, July 02, 2008 mature

It’s kind of hard to hide out when you’re six and a half feet of gorgeousness living amongst the small ,dull and restless of this seedy burg…
It started as a conspiracy when the midget tranny community started to hate on me. Just because i got what they want (height , a giant dick , and good dope). The half pint haters formed a coalition to get an injunction against me doing drag ! When that teeny bitch tried to serve me with papers, I looked her dead in her big forehead and said,”As long as I’m alive I’m a live illegal!” and proceeded to step on her sample sized ass.
That’s when all these half pint haters organized. Question? How many tiny tweeker trannies does it take to take out 350lbs of gangster glamour?
Much to my chagrin it only took 2 to cap me in the face and put me in hiding-temporarily…When I recover I will have my spray bottle (it worked on the cat ) and some mouse traps baited with forty bags and we’ll see who laughs last.And who laughs largest. It’ll be me motherfucker-Trust…




  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    damn my girl was beaten down by two time bandits shit you know i have a fear of midgets so you know i would have left yo ass