Rumors chapt. 3 part 2

by ficletsforeverx3
originally published at 11:14AM on Sunday, July 06, 2008

The next morning, Jen was up 6:30 and out of the shower. The tour started tomarow. They needed to get up.
A hour later, they were all up. only maggie had to take a shower. By 8:00 they were back at the office building. George Harold came in at 8:30. He said he was sorry they were printed, a lady came in with the information. Her name was Gloria Herdole, live on Waverly Place. THey traveled there that day. They were really mad and Frankie almst used his Kung fu. They found out the lady had pictures. It wasent them. Gloria appolagized, and the next day in the newspaper there was a section. It read: The Jonas brothers fans, and the Jonas Brothers and his band. Im sorry i postd those pictures i mistaked them with other people. Please forgive me. Gloria Herdole. Jen was so pround this lady did that for them. Each of them sent 300 dollars to her i thankfulness.