Vodo Blade

by LiSteN2MeE11
originally published at 04:36PM on Monday, June 04, 2007

Long ago there was this vodo pristess and she had a daughter that was so spoiled with all the gifts from the tribe as graditude for their safety.One day the daughter would inharriet all the powers of the vodo tribes.So the daughter went out with her mother in the forest.Then when she was fully distracted her daughter took the blade from under her dress and stabbed her mulitple times.Until she was dead with out a breath left.Once she got back she made up a lie in her defence as one of the villiagers gave her a doll.She got angry with her and threw it into her hut.It was old and ugly she said with angush.As she walked back she got an idea.To make the doll cursed and then to tell all that she was the only one who could stop Its evil.So she sent the gods down.The next day everyone was being killed.The daughter came out an told them that she could stop it.As she tried to her powers were gone.The doll came up to her with the same blade and killed her.Then muttered under its breathThats what you get for killing me!