Complaints of the Middle Class

by Saint Chuck
originally published at 08:59PM on Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why do we complain so much?

We have all we need.
We have more than we need.
We have, and get, anything and everything that we want.
And yet we always wish that our lives were better.

The thoughts of a typical, middle-class teenager living in a nice suburb in America.
If only if I had these jeans, that CD, that guy/girl, more talent, better looks, then my life would be perfect…

Compare that to the thoughts of a child living in a Darfur refugee camp.
If only I had food, water, a home, a sense of security, or freedom, then I might live to be 18.

Kind of makes you want to rethink your priorities, doesn’t it?

Now by no means must we be perfect, simply aware of what is going on in this world. We can’t just ignore what is going on. People are dying: from AIDS , starvation, violence, lack of basic necessities, etc…While we sit here playing our PS3 ’s….





  • from Saint Chuck:

    Bit nervous publishing this, I don’t want to be known as the judgemental one. Responses, good or bad welcome though.

  • from Frostbite:

    You definitely make a good point, judgmental or not. All too many people just don’t think of the small encapsulated world they live in vs the world as a whole. Makes you think though.

  • from MissJonas1492:

    Actually, I have a PS2 . lol, it’s really good though. really moving and completely true.

  • from FlirtingWithaBrickWall:

    i agree with your criticisms, but i also agree with those you criticize. i agree that it’s horrible that we have so much when others dont, but the ever-increasing want for more is what causes us to better ourselves. granted, some people just complain so daddy can better himself and by them what they want, but complaining about the present leads to a better future. usually.