by Bartimaeus
originally published at 10:25PM on Friday, July 11, 2008

Time passes slowly in my head, as I pass laughing children on the ice. Some falling over, some racing. But not me… I skate along at a medial pace, not even feeling the cold around me. A boy points at me, sneering along with his friends. They all looked to be no older than I, and the boy who pointed at me began to skate towards me, until he was skating alongside me.
“Hey, you’re number 12.”
I looked down at my skates.
“Yes, my shoe size is 12.”
He looked at me as if I were stupid.
“I said you’re number twelve.”
This time I just shrugged and continued skating forward.
“Hey.” he poked at me, “Wanna hold my hand as we skate?”
The kids behind him laughed.
“No…” I said in a detatched and shunful tone.
“Why?” He asked mockingly.
I suddenly stopped and turned on him, grabbing the collar of his shirt.
“Because I’m not a fucking fagget. Now why don’t you and your ass hole friends leave me alone, before I kick your ass with my skates?”
I dropped him to the ground, and tears formed in my eyes.




  • from Punkin:

    What’s he so upset about?

  • from S. Lynn:

    I would like to find out what this charater’s past is! Why is he so mad or upset that he is on the brink of tears?

  • from Just another writer:


  • from Just another writer:


  • from Just another writer:


  • from OrangeOreos:


    I take it these kids tease him a lot for him to blow up like that on them.

    I think I’ll need to read the sequel now.

  • from .:band baby:.:

    oooh. i l ike this!! off to read a sequel now.