A Change of Music

by Bartimaeus
originally published at 02:55PM on Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reading her sweet note at least put a smile on my face. I took my earbuds out, allowing her words to fill me up. I couldn’t seem to find anything to say except, once again, thank you… I read over her profile, intrigued by her sudden, and much appreciated, kindness. I proceeded to read some of her ficlets, and continued until I heard my parents walk in through the garage door.

“Honey? we’re home.” I heard my mom say as she walked in.

It wasn’t until I spoke that I realized I was smiling.
“Ok…” I said, still in a trance.

I put my earbuds in to block out the noise of my parents downstairs. I began to play some soft music as I conitnued to read her ficlets. I didn’t stop until I was called for dinner, to which I came reluctantly.

“A smile?” my dad said, frowning, “I haven’t seen one of those in a while. What cha been up to?”

I sighed and tried to hide my smile as I poured my drink.
“Oh nothing…”
My dad nodded. I sat down at the table, unable to hold back my smile any longer.




  • from .:band baby:.:

    awe! so cute! =D I’ll sequel like..well now.

  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    best line “I took my earbuds out, allowing her words to fill me up.” I enjoy reading this tale of friendship,and I hope it happens to many other writers! :)

  • from moonlight_girl :

    wow that is really good i love it

  • from Blusparrow:

    Aww, he likes her. That is so cute.

  • from One Time, One Chance:

    i agree with MEH , i really like that line.
    and this is incredibley cute.

  • from Flute Loop<33:

    I think this whole series is pretty cute!

  • from g2 (la pianista irlandesa):

    This is beautiful. Talk about a Random Act of Kindness really meaning something to someone! I wish there were more of those RAoKs…

  • from Dreamer:

    Again with the music thing- extremely awesome.

  • from Smile4life!:

    Aw this is really cute!