My bleak past unfolded

by Bartimaeus
originally published at 05:08PM on Sunday, July 20, 2008

As I held her hand, smiling in genuine delight, my mind took a trip down memory lane. I remembered when I felt as though I were the most hopeless person on earth, and it had stayed that way for months…

It was in the midst of this depression that Lacey and I had become close friends. We talked nearly every night over the phone, sometimes deep into the night.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Lacey… perhaps I wouldn’t be here. No, I definitely wouldn’t be here. I would have died from my broken heart that only grew bleaker with each passing day. I should’ve been over with what had happened to me, and with all the lies I’d been told… but I wasn’t, and my heart held onto that as if it were sweet poison.

Lacey’s the only reason I began to let go, and eventually got better with the passing of the months. However, a small part of me was the hopeless black hole I longed to get rid of. I knew that I had to tell her how I felt, or I’d have to live with that forever…




  • from THX 0477:

    Touching series of memory and thought process, though it winds up a little foreboding. I mean, what happens if Lacey leaves or cheats or fails him somehow? Or am I just being pessimistic?

  • from .:band baby:.:

    ooh, nice sequel, and i agree with THX =)

  • from moonlight_girl :

    thats really good i know how that feels