My sword and shield

by Bartimaeus
originally published at 02:48PM on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look at the stars. Don’t you see my smile in the cool evening sky? Can you feel my heart beating? Because it feels like a roller coaster… imagining your sweet eyes sending me up to the clouds.

It is a miracle, how God can create beauty out of seemingly nothing. He creates it for you and I… the sunset, the turning hue of the leaves in the Fall, and most importantly… he creates us… made for each other, and made to marvel at each other’s beauty…

So, look at the stars… can you see me now? A part of God’s creation and love… Can you feel my heart yet? Because I think it’s about to explode for you… Time only pours more butterflies into my chest, as I lay here, my mind completely taken by you…

I am intoxicated, hardly able to breathe… and I know this feeling is the most powerful I’ve ever felt…

Look at the stars, just one more time… Can you feel my heart? Don’t you see? You are my sword and shield… And I love you…




  • from .:band baby:.:

    awe, this is really touching and sooo sweet. =)

  • from moonlight_girl :

    awww that is really sweet i love it =) and remember the only way to get to go is through nothing go is looking for nothing not something so he made you when there was nothing and when he talks through and to you he see you have no expectations of anything just nothing

  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    awesome! Very touching, very descriptive of the feeling of love!