Father & Son

by Just another writer
originally published at 01:04AM on Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jack looked akward at first holding Taylor, but then Taylor rubbed his head into Jack’s neck & shoulder trying to get comfy. Jack loved that. He had never really had a child show any affection for him. He never had any younger siblings & he had no clue where any of his other family was. He hardly had any neighbors but if he did they were all adults. Then Taylor wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck. Whether he was half awake, or doing that in his sleep, Jack did not care. He finally realized almost exactly what Anna felt whenever Taylor called for her, or hugged & kissed her. The affection shown from this child was just unbelievable to Jack & he wrapped his arm tighter across Taylor’s back, taking in all of the moment that he could.

As Anna walked beside them, she couldn’t stop smiling. They just seemed to fit together, like a two puzzle pieces. It wasn’t that they just looked like a cute father & son. Jack looked like the perfect father for Taylor and him the perfect son for Jack. They fit together.