Pain is a state of Mind.

by Mask By The Moon
originally published at 09:57PM on Monday, June 11, 2007

“Pain is a state of mind, pain is a state of mind, pain is a state of mind…” Maxine repeated it over and over while she was lying on the bed of nails. This was a wicked dare. And what kind of family has a bed of nails just lying around? How long did she have to to this? A full hour. And this wasn’t the worst part. She had to watch her friends lie on cozy cushions. That increased the pain by a lot. But wait ...pain is a state of mind, pain is a state of mind… that helped some. Although the nails did dig into her mocha skin, just a half-millimeter away from bleeding, she didn’t feel much. Her thick brown hair sheilded her head, which was the only part of her body that she was scared about. She squeezed her eyes shut and kept repeating it.




  • from FlirtingWithaBrickWall:

    wow, what made you think of doing this?

  • from YodaOnCrack:

    I like the mantra of this. Very original and shows the mind of a great writer. Enjoyed it!

  • from C. Davida:

    Ditto to FlirtingWithaBrickWall’s comment. I wonder what inspired you here… It’s a beautiful piece, in any case. Well done!

  • from Mask By The Moon:

    It just sorta sprouted off what Criss Angel believes. Pain is a state of mind. I don’t know where the rest came from.

  • from KazeTenshi:

    Wow! This story is very, very original. Keep writing more things like these ;) It’s really interesting.