Hotel & Plans

by Just another writer
originally published at 09:49PM on Thursday, July 31, 2008

At the hotel again, Jack carefully laid Taylor on the bed. Anna slipped up behind Jack holding his hands, “You’re just cute,” she kissed his cheek. Jack smiled and kissed her softly on the lips one more time before going to sleep. After they got comfortable under the covers and ready to fall asleep, Anna remembered something.
“Oh Jack?”
“They are having a Parent’s Day thing at Taylor’s Daycare center Monday. Would you want to come?”
“I do, but Randy’s already got me assigned for a project Monday and I’m gonna be stuck there most all day.”
“Aw dang it.”
Jack smiled and kissed her head. “You go ahead and go and then I will meet you back at the hotel that night.”
“Mmm okay,” Anna said softly already falling asleep.
Jack chuckled,” Night Anna.”
“I love you,” she replied. She felt his warm lips press against her lips, and then she fell asleep.




  • from blueeyes01031:

    something’s gonna happen…i can feel it lol