Ohmigod You guys!

by Smile4life!
originally published at 11:34AM on Saturday, August 02, 2008

It’s almost there but…
This dress needs to seal the deal
Make a grown man kneel
But it can’t come right out and say bride
Cant look like I’m desperate or
Like I’m waiting for it
I gotta leave Warner his pride
So bride is more implied
Omigod, you guys
All this week I’ve had butterflies
Every time he looks at me its totally proposal eyes
omigod you guys
So help me dress for my fairytale
Cant wear something I bought on sale
Love is , like, forever.
This is no time to economize
omigod, you guys
omigod, you guys
This one’s perfect and its just my size
See, dreams really do come true, you never have to compromise




  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    way to catch the excitement! This is a thrill ride!

  • from Mysterious Writter:

    good job i think you are a great poem writer!! its catches excitement!!

  • from Smile4life!:

    lol i didnt really write it i stole it from legally blonde im obbsessed with that movie! thanks anyway though

  • from Krulltar:

    rightously poetic. 5 stars

  • from Smile4life!: