Ready to ride? (22)

by Insert Pen Name Here
originally published at 07:33PM on Sunday, August 03, 2008

“Gack!” I squealed as I flew out the window and landed on top of Eric.
“A- You’re—crushing me!” Eric voice was muffled and I quickly rolled off him.
“What was that!” A voice exploded into the air from inside the house.
“Uh-oh.” Eric scrambled to his feet and I followed suit.
“Come on!” He grabbed my hand and started pulling me around the house.
“How old are you?” he panted as we ran.
“Fifteen!” I gasped. “Why?”
“Damn! Me too, I was hoping you had your drivers liscense-” Eric skidded to a stop in front of a what looked to me like a very old, very big car.
“Oh, no.” I said, backing away. “Oh, I am NOT letting you drive that.
“Ava! Come on! Would you rather die by those guns, or possibly die in that car with me?”
“I guess I’d rather die in a car. God, I can’t belive I just said that-” Eric grinned at me and got in. I darted to the passenger seat, got in, slammed the door, and buckled my seat belt. Eric put his hands on the wheel and looked at me, grinning.
“Ready to ride?”